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Every tattoo is unique and so are the meanings behind them.  That is why after booking your appointment, we will meet to discuss your ideas and come up with a definitive plan to ensure that you leave with artwork that you love!


Booking Process

Our booking process is quite simple, just fill out the general questionnaire below, including any important or pertinent information you would like to share. 


Once you have submitted your booking request, we will reach out to you within three to five working days to further discuss your artwork. Then we will arrange a meeting to review your ideas and to ensure that we fully understand your vision and the meaning behind the design.  This helps us to ensure that the artwork we design lines up with your vision. 


Our goal is to provide support to our customers to ensure they are empowered with confidence during the entire process.

After the artwork is complete, we also provide specific information tailored to each client to ensure the proper aftercare for their tattoos.



To start the booking process fill in the form below.

Please avoid including the back story or meaning behind your art here. It makes it difficult for the artists to identify your artwork subject and assess if the artwork subject is suited to them.  After booking, your artist will reach out to you and set up a meeting to discuss the artwork in further detail.

Upload Reference Photo

Thanks for submitting!

Amber D.

"Went for my very first tattoo today and couldn’t have asked for a better experience!!!"
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